Announcement of the reorganized of the Open Source Group Japan

We are pleased to announce that the Open Source Group Japan has been reorganized and registered as a general incorporated association as of September 28, 2020.

Since 2000, Open Source Group Japan has been supported by volunteers to define open source, translate open source licenses into Japanese, manage trademarks, and provide support and assistance to various open source activities, including in a personal capacity. Over the past two decades, open source and its community have grown exponentially, and participation as well as use has become the norm, but problems of misunderstanding and lack of understanding of the philosophy and licensing of open source, as well as legal aspects such as trademarks, have led to disputes involving the entire community. There have been a number of cases that may lead to the development of open source software.

In these circumstances, our organization, which aims to support the core of the open source community, has changed from the existing management system of individual volunteers to a general incorporated association, aiming to build a system that can deal with various legal issues as a corporation.

We will do our best to contribute to the further development of the open source community and its activities.

Open Source Group Japan
Chairman of the Board, Shuji Sado